Event Bar Services

Gallucci's Catering is certified, licensed and insured.


Deciding the optimal quantities and varieties of alcoholic beverages to offer guests can be confusing, especially when it comes to a wedding with dozens of guests. Working with the leading catering Gallucci's Catering  can save you and headaches and take out the guesswork! We have years of experience providing wedding and wedding bar catering services, and we will gladly guide you through the decision and planning process to craft your ideal reception.

We accommodate parties of all sizes, and we make sure that our catering operation is fully staffed to ensure you receive a timely and smooth wedding bar service.


We offer a selection of premium spirits and other alcoholic beverages, as well as champagne for toasts throughout the reception.


Additionally we offer a wide array of non - alcoholic beverages to accommodate you.

Signature Cocktails

Open Bar

Creating a signature cocktail is a fun aspect of planning. For guests who prefer colorful drinks with sparkling water, juices or garnishes, serving signature cocktails may be a great feature to include at your reception.


We create distinguished and unique signature cocktails, and we highly recommend this option for couples whose wedding is as extravagant as their tastes.

Hosting an open bar and giving guests access to unlimited drinks for the duration of the reception is a popular, crowd-pleasing decision that will keep the dance floor and the party alive. With Gallucci's Catering you are always in licensed, professional hands so you and your guests will have nothing to worry about except having fun.

Cash Bar

If a cash bar is the customary approach in your social circles, hosting one is another great way to entertain guests while staying within a set budget, and we recommend this option where it is customary to do so.


We want your wedding to reflect your tastes and personality, and we will do everything possible to maximize the joy and bliss you experience on your big day.